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What People Are Saying

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"What an amazing instructors Gina and Nicole are! They helped me put together a fabulous dance performance routine four months before my wedding for my husband. It was such a great experience to walk into that studio everyday and learn a new part of my routine. I looked forward to every class and they made it so easy to learn. They were up beat and fierce giving me all the support I needed to be confident in my abilities and work around different moves. Because everyone moves differently and they helped me embrace that. I would recommend them for any routine you're trying to learn for your special wedding performance. This is all the craze right now, newly married brides across America are dancing into their new lives with their husbands. I want to give him a special treat at the start of our lives together. It makes this day fun and unforgettable. Gina and Nicole also teach classes for all age groups. If you love to dance check out the schedule and see what class you can get in. You won’t regret taking a class with Gina or her daughter, Nicole. Two amazing people who made our day truly unforgettable! — Antonia V.


"I have been going to Gina's Zumba classes for several years and I just love it!  Her classes are always packed with a great variety of music and wonderful dance moves.  She’s always coming up with something fun to do in class and I look forward to going every week!  Not only is Gina’s enthusiasm contagious – she’s a great person and I find myself smiling throughout each and every class!’  — Diane C.


“Zumba with Gina has changed my life—all for the better!!!”  — Liz E.     


“I've been very fortunate to have had some of the best Zumba teachers, but my favorite teacher is Gina.  She has the ability to adjust her class to suit the needs of beginners and advanced students.  She changes up her music regularly, is effective, fun and most of all safe!!  These are just some of the reasons I love her class.  In my mind, she is “Zumba”.”   — Polly R.


“Before coming to Zumba I worked out five days a week at a local gym, felt reasonably fit and strong, but I was getting bored. I needed to do something different.  I decided to shake it up and took my first Zumba class with Gina.  This was totally different from any fitness program that I had experienced. Gina is not only an exceptional dancer, she is completely joyful while she is dancing and teaching her class. Her utter delight is so infectious that I find myself smiling, too—hardly aware that I am working every muscle group on my body while dancing and singing along to her universal playlist from all over the world.  Gina elevates working out to a different level. She invites you to play, be silly, and work hard; no judgement. Zumba helped me find my dancer’s spirit, my waist, my joy and finally my hips.  Without a doubt Zumba with Gina, is the best fitness routine.  I gave up my gym membership and now all I do is Zumba a few days a week.  My body is in the best shape it has been in years and I discovered a little known fact: joy helps you lose weight.  Zumba with Gina is not just an incredible workout for your mind and body, it is a state of mind.”  — Nikki G.

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