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Note to Students

Please wear comfortable clothing that is easy to move
in and bring your own water bottle. Please bring sneakers that are easy to move in for
all dance/fitness classes and Barre classes require
non-slip socks or ballet slippers. Children may not
be in the studio unattended during a class. Thank you.

sample classes for adults and teens


60 minutes, Age 15+

Zumba Fitness classes are one hour of non-stop, calorie burning, hip shaking dance and fitness moves that are fun and will tone, stretch and sculpt your entire body!  These classes are great cardio workouts that use motivating international music that will alternate between fast and slow rhythms to allow your body to burn calories more efficiently and shed unwanted pounds, while also building endurance, strength, rhythm and coordination.  Zumba fitness classes are for everyone!  Each student has the ability to modify the moves to their desired fitness goal and are encouraged to move at their own pace in their own way, which is why it feels more like a party than a fitness class and why they are all having a good time and keep coming back for more☺   No previous fitness training is necessary. 


45 minutes, Age 15+

Shake the stress away and get your body moving with our Zumba Toning classes.  These classes are great for cardio conditioning with the added benefits of toning and sculpting your entire body with light hand-held toning sticks that are more like weighted maracas that help to create a party-like atmosphere.  The class uses motivating international music that is choreographed in intervals allowing your body to burn calories more efficiently, while also building endurance, strength and coordination.  No previous dance or fitness training is necessary.  Toning sticks are available for purchase through the instructor.  


60 minutes, Age 15+

This class is designed to blast calories away while lifting your seat, toning your legs, sculpting your arms and flattening your abs.  The class is a low-impact, hi-intensity workout inspired by ballet “barre” exercises choreographed to fun, up-beat music.  These exercises will help strengthen and elongate muscles and increase core stability, while maintaining postural balance, flexibility, coordination and grace.  Exercises are easy to follow with personal attention. No previous dance or fitness training is necessary. Yoga mats and 3 – 10 lb. hand weights are provided.


60 minutes, Age 15+

Do you miss tap dancing? Or would you like to learn to tap to the beat of your favorite song? This class is open to all levels of tappers focusing on tap fundamentals, rhythm, and coordination. We will learn Broadway style tap and rhythm tap. Come try this fun and energetic style of dance! Dress code: Tap shoes 


60 minutes, Age 15+ 

Hip Hop is a fun, energetic form of dance that teaches rhythm, coordination, and builds stamina. This class uses the latest hip hop and pop music from your favorite artists. 




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